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Introducing the Next Generation Real Doll!

Is there a pioneer in the Real Doll market? Yes! It's the US-based manufacturer Abyss Creations. In California, exceptionally unique premium silicone Real Dolls are crafted with loving handwork, surpassing your imagination!

hese US Real Dolls not only look extraordinarily realistic, but they also come packed with state-of-the-art technology! These high-tech sex dolls can converse with you, react with facial expressions, and interact with you!

What sets them apart is the distinctly American look, akin to what you'd recognize from Playboy or Penthouse. Every original US Real Doll is meticulously detailed, making them worth every single dollar.

Are you ready for the next generation of Real Dolls and willing to endure the waiting time? Then get to know our favorite models now! With a click on the button, you'll be directed to the respective Abyss Creations Real Doll and can order directly from the manufacturer. If only everything in life were this blissfully simple!

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Proven Partnership:

Our trusted partner boasts years of experience and quality. Our collaboration thrives on trust and excellence.


Utilize maximum customization options, instead of being limited to our preselection

Special Requests

Discuss special requests directly with your manufacturer, without any game of telephone effects

 This is How Purchasing Your Original US Real Doll Works

All the dolls on this page are original US Real Dolls. Clicking the button will take you directly to our partner, the manufacturer Abyss Creations. You configure and order your doll directly in the USA and have it delivered from there after a waiting period.

All you need for this is a valid credit card or a PayPal account, as well as a delivery address and a little patience until your beloved is with you!

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