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69 and more – 5 positions that give lovemaking with your doll that certain something!

It goes without saying that your lifelike sex doll is up for any adventure! If you are looking for inspiration for you and your Real Doll, or if you aren’t sure yet whether you even want to buy a sex doll, I might be able to help you... Here are find 5 positions that are especially fun with your Real Doll!

1. Erotic classic: missionary position

In the missionary position, you lie on top of your real doll and lovingly nestle against her wonderfully soft body. This position is simple and requires little effort from you. Another important advantage of the missionary position: You can gaze at the pretty face of your sex doll all the time.

Fun fact: Evolutionary biologists have concluded that the missionary position contributed significantly to the development of humans. Because both partners can look each other in the face, this position makes it possible to recognise the precise sensations of the other during lovemaking. This in turn stimulates the brain and ensures more conscious and empathetic interaction with one another.

If you want to add some spice to the missionary position, try the “Chinese sleigh ride”! Laying your Real Doll on a bed or sofa, take one of her legs in each hand and penetrate her with powerful thrusts while standing. While this position is more strenuous for you, it gives you more control and freedom of movement at the same time. If you now bring the legs of your love doll together in front of you and press them a little against her body, you will have the “Viennese oyster”! Here, the intimate area of your Real Doll is squeezes tighter by pressing the legs together, ensuring even more intense lovemaking.

2. For especially loving moments: spoon position

In the spoon position, you and your real doll lie on your sides while you lovingly nestle against her from behind. This position is particularly gentle on your doll, as she doesn’t have to stand or sit, nor does your body weight rest on her as in the missionary position. This position is also a great way to explore the back side of your Real Doll. You can let your hands roam and explore every corner of her adorable body.

For gentle hours in the spoon position, love dolls with soft skin made of silicone are particularly suitable!

Maeva - Dream Doll X-Treme (D-Cup)

Soria - Dream Doll X-Cite (D-Cup)

Chlea - Dream Doll X-Treme (C-Cup)

Bunny - Dream Doll X-Press


3. rough love from behind: doggy style

For a particularly wild, animalistic kick when making love to your sex doll, there’s doggy style! This is especially fun with a Real Doll that has a big, plump bottom. So that standing on all fours for a long time doesn’t put too much strain on your love doll’s joints, a wedge cushion that can be placed comfortably under her belly works well. Also, don’t skimp on the lube for this position. Otherwise, the rough doggy style can quickly hurt either you or your doll.

4. symeetry of passion: 69 Position

Making love to your sex doll doesn't just have to focus on her lower orifices. With the 69 position, you can enjoy the pleasures of oral sex with your doll to the fullest! You penetrate the mouth of your lifelike love doll while you devote yourself to her private parts with your tongue. In English, the term L7 is also used for this position, though more rarely. Our tip: Pay attention to hygiene when you penetrate your Real Doll’s private parts with your tongue! The use of lubricants or pheromone sprays is usually harmless to health, but they may have a rather unpleasant taste and are therefore not recommended for the 69 position.

5. Let yourself be dominated by your real doll: cowgirl position

Are you eager to get to know the dominant side of your Real Doll? Then it’s time for a new change of position. And this time you lie on your back! In the cowgirl position, your love doll sits on your lap and brings you to climax with rhythmic movements of her thighs. This position is especially suitable for small and lightweight love dolls that can only support your body weight for a short time in the missionary position. You can support your cowgirl by putting your hands around her hips, or you can help her yourself with strong thrusts into her. The beautiful breasts of your Real Doll can now be seen from the perfect perspective as well. Or are you more into love dolls with a nice, plump bottom? Then maybe the “reverse cowgirl position” is something for you and your Real Doll. This position works the same way as the cowgirl position, except that your sex doll turns her back to you.


If you want to buy a lifelike sex doll, prepare yourself for diverse erotic adventures! As long as you are careful not to put too much strain on the joints of your Real Doll, there are no limits to your imagination. If you want an overview of the most important positions, you can find everything you need in our Sex doll ABCs.