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Are you looking for sex? Do you want it immediately and just like in your fantasies? If so, a sex doll is perfect for you!

The new-generation sex dolls are more than a simple sex doll. They are realistic sex dolls that feel incredibly true-to-life. Their skin is silky and their body soft, just like that of a real woman. The proportions of your sex doll are perfect, just as you prefer. And their lust for you knows no bounds.

Which of our sex dolls will take your heart by storm and be invited to share your bed with you? We will guide you step by step through our wide selection in order to provide you with just the doll you want to have in bed with you! Let’s get started!

It's that simple!

What are you looking for?

What is your preference? Choose your sex doll according to the following:


Do you want a sex doll with a big bottom because you love to caress her feminine curves and also find butt sex hot?

We’ll show you the hottest dolls with a big bottom!


Large breasts are a symbol of pure femininity. Just imagine them: soft, full and heavy as they rest in your hand, ready to be caressed by you!

Choose your dream woman with large breasts now!

SEX DOLLS - Small Breasts

The breasts of your sex doll lie in your hand small and firm, with delicate nipples. Just the way you wanted them!

Discover our selection of dolls with small breasts!


You want your dream woman to be athletic. With curves, but also with defined muscles.

Our fitness model sex dolls are the perfect choice for you!

SEX DOLLS - Dark-skinned and latina

Do you prefer dark hair and a dark skin tone? Do you love the temperament of Latin American women?

Check out our dark-skinned dolls!


Are you thrilled by the Far East? Do you love the restraint and fine aesthetics of Asian women?

Let yourself be seduced by their porcelain skin and dark hair!

What your sex doll likes

Light-coloured clothing

Dress your new sex doll preferably in light-coloured clothes, as dark-coloured clothes can leave her skin discoloured.

If you want to use dark clothing, you should was it thoroughly beforehand.

Regular care

To enjoy your sex doll for a long time, you should care for her skin regularly with unscented baby powder.

This will help the skin of the TPE doll to retain its silky finish and feel like the real thing. Baby oil can be used to care for brittle skin.

Sex with condom

The easiest way to keep your sex doll clean on the inside is to use a condom during sex.

This will save you time-consuming rinsing of the intimate area, and your beloved will always be fresh.

Comfortably reclining

Ideally, your sex doll will simply stay in your bed – unclothed, on a light-coloured sheet and covered with a lint-free blanket.

This will prevent wrinkles from sitting, discolouration and contamination.

What your sex doll Does not like

Dark-coloured clothing

Dark-coloured clothing, such as jeans, nightgowns and lingerie, cause discolouration of the skin. You should therefore wash it several times before putting it on for the first time.

Our stain remover will help you with stubborn stains and dirt.

Pointed/sharp objects

The skin and intimate orifices of your sex doll are delicate. Please use them carefully, prevent sharp or pointed objects from coming in contact with them and do not stretch them beyond their normal range.

If tearing still occurs, it can often be repaired professionally. Get in touch with us!

Sources of high heat

Please keep your sex doll away from sources of high heat. Like a real person, she vulnerable to open fire, hot surfaces and candles – even candle wax.

The material of your doll can be irreparably damaged, and your health may be harmed as well.

Storing without cleaning

To enjoy your sex doll for a long time, it is important for you to clean your lover after every time you make love. Like a real woman, your doll likes to be fresh and clean. Rinse her private parts after intimacy and use Toy Cleaner.

Care for her with baby powder to maintain the soft character of her skin and wrap her in a clean sheet.


Your sex doll has a beautiful, realistic vagina. Its skin is tender and soft, and if using a heating rod makes it wonderfully warm! Now you only need to bring about the right amount of moisture. Use plenty of lubricant for that!


Do you love oral sex? Your sex doll does too! Her full lips are a delight, and the tightness of her mouth will blow your mind. But be careful when doing this and use plenty of lube, or else the corners of her mouth might tear!


Just look at her tempting curves! Her plump bottom is made for you! You can also enjoy intimacy anally with your sex doll. All you need is a lot of lube and a little gentleness to avoid damaging the tight opening. She will reward you for this with maximum pleasure!

These are the position your sex doll likes


The spoon position is your sex doll’s favourite position. It allows you to caress her entire body during intimacy. Her weight isn’t on you, and you don’t need to move her – just have fun!


The classic missionary position is one way to have fun with your sex doll. She enjoys it when her legs aren’t spread unnaturally wide and you don’t put all your weight on her.

Doggy style

Your sex doll also digs doggy style. Please make sure you put a pillow under her upper body and hips so that she won’t have to support all her weight on her hands and wrists.


Your doll likes to spoil you with oral sex and prefers lying underneath you. So you can relax and enjoy the view!

check out these 5 Sex dolls 

Sexdoll Paola
Wie findest Du meinen neuen Jeans-Look? Ich denke ist ideal, um meine schlanke Figur zu betonen, ohne dabei zu freizügig zu sein. Keine Sorge, ich lasse hin und wieder einen kleinen Blick auf meine zarten Brüste zu. Schließlich interessierst Du Dich sowieso weniger für meinen Modegeschmack und mehr für die Modelmaße darunter. Habe ich Recht?

Sexdoll Mercedes
Ich wette mit Dir, Du hattest noch nie so ein süßes Foto-Modell wie mich! Sei nicht so schüchtern, Du darfst mit der Kamera ruhig etwas näher kommen! Gefallen Dir meine großen, dunklen Kulleraugen? Und wie gefallen Dir meine zuckersüßen, kleinen Brüste? Du hast doch nicht etwa geglaubt, ich sei nur eine unschuldige, junge Kunst-Studentin auf der Suche nach ein paar guten Bildern? Ich sehe vielleicht niedlich aus, aber wenn erst mal alle Hüllen gefallen sind, werde ich nicht mehr zu bremsen sein!


How to care for your sex doll


Microfibre cloth

Microfibre cloths are perfect for wet and dry cleaning, as they have little to no lint and easily remove dirt. Wash used cloths regularly in the washing machine at 60 degrees without fabric softener.

Baby oil

Unscented baby oil is ideal for caring for stressed areas, such as your doll’s orifices. It protects against tearing and roughening. Apply it with a microfibre cloth. It is also ideal for removing dust and hair from large areas of the skin.

Powder and brush

Applying unscented baby powder is the perfect way to maintain the softness of the skin. Whenever your doll has been cleaned with a wet cloth or is giving off some moisture, care for her with baby powder, spreading it evenly with a powder brush.

After each use


An ideal way to clean your sex doll is with warm water and a flannel or microfibre cloth. If you want to take a shower or bath with it, make sure to cover the feet – if your doll has them – with a bag. While the insides of the dolls are sealed, water can still penetrate during a full bath. So bathing with her should be infrequent.

Mild soap

Mild soap is enough for cleaning. For her intimate area, you can also use intimate wash lotion. It will be very pleasant for your intimate area as well. Remove stubborn stains with our special cleaner. Please refrain from using harsh cleaning agents, as they may harm the material.


Clean your doll’s orifices with a douche. Rinse several times with warm water and mild soap. Use a microfibre cloth to dry everything off afterwards. When stretched out with a wooden spoon handle, even the intimate orifices can dry out completely on the inside.

Toy cleaner

After drying, spray the clean body orifices with a toy cleaner. This has an antibacterial effect and will keep your sex doll clean. Because toy cleaners are tested for use with sex toys, you don’t have to worry about any harm to the material of your sex doll or your health.

Any questions?

Do you have any questions? We’ll be glad to help! Use our email or give us a call.  We look forward to hearing from you! Your REALDOLL24 team 💜