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Deluxe Starter Set

Imagine having everything you need for a romantic encounter with your new doll right at your fingertips: sexy accessories, a heating rod, premium lubricant, and reliable maintenance products. That's what awaits you in our starter set. Nothing can stop you now from indulging yourself! Enjoy the peace of mind of being well-prepared and order the starter set at a special price now!

Your all-inclusive package for you and your beloved! In the starter set, you'll find exactly the products you need for your future life with your beloved. From the basics that make lovemaking easier to high-quality care products essential for prolonging your doll's lifespan. Here's what we've put together for you:

Basics for lovemaking

  • A premium heating rod with USB connection, including overheating protection (automatic shutdown at 46 degrees Celsius)

  • Premium water-based lubricant

  • Sexy, thigh-high stockings from Passion

  • An exclusive lingerie set

  • Perfume spray with pheromones - oriental scent with fresh basil notes

  • Basics for caring for your love doll

  • A premium toy cleaner from Realdoll24

  • A classic intimate shower

  • Our special cleaner for stubborn stains

  • A set of replacement fingernails including nail glue

Learn more about the key products in the starter set The heating rod for your love doll in detail

Do you want an even more realistic and pleasurable experience during sex with your doll? You just need two things for that: lubricant and a comfortably warm love orifice. The best solution is our heating rod. Use it with a power bank (external battery) for independence from the nearest power outlet and maximum freedom! Simply insert the heating rod carefully into your real doll's love orifice and wait a moment until your preferred temperature is reached. Remove the heating rod, and your companion is ready for you in no time!

The REALDOLL24 water-based lubricant

For the most authentic feeling during lovemaking with your new partner, you should definitely use lubricant. This ensures long-lasting and intense pleasure for both of you. The premium lubricant from REALDOLL24 is ideal for use with silicone dolls and TPE dolls. It's non-sticky, leaves no stains, and is very skin-friendly. With just a few drops of the lubricant, you can enjoy maximum glide, as the pjur lubricant is very economical.

Important tips for cleaning your love doll

Our starter set includes two essential cleaning products - an intimate shower and a toy cleaner. Both products clean and care for your beloved after lovemaking, ensuring your sexual health. Even though your love doll eagerly participates in any play, you must take good care of her to prolong your playtime together.

Therefore, after sex, it's best to use the intimate shower to clean the narrow love orifices. Please use only warm water and, if absolutely necessary, a mild soap or intimate wash lotion. Dry the cleaned areas thoroughly with a lint-free cloth, then generously spray the toy cleaner. Let it air dry before dressing or storing your sweetheart again. By the way, the toy cleaner is non-greasy, not tested on animals, and contains no alcohol, making it perfect for love dolls and sex toys.

We also recommend cleaning the sex toys you've used together following the above principle.

Sometimes, even the greatest caution doesn't prevent stubborn discoloration. Our special cleaner effortlessly removes all types of stains while protecting your doll's material. Therefore, it should always be your first choice before resorting to conventional cleaners, as your love doll can react sensitively to them.

Useful accessories for your beauty The replacement nail set for your doll

In the heat of the moment, it happens: your beloved loses a nail! But don't worry, the set of replacement nails and nail glue will quickly bring a smile back to her face!

Simply select the appropriate nail size from the various options, carefully remove it with nail scissors from the set, and gently file any protruding edges with a nail file. Apply a drop of nail glue to the back of the nail and attach it to the finger with some pressure. Try to use as little glue as possible to prevent it from seeping out at the edges when pressing the nail.

If something does go wrong, try to remove it immediately with a soft cloth.

Surprise your beloved with sexy stockings and an exclusive lingerie set

You know your beloved enjoys dressing up for you. How fortunate that you can surprise her with these sexy lace stockings! The white mesh stockings from Passion are easy to put on and can withstand a few position changes. The exclusive lingerie set complements them perfectly! Get ready to be amazed at how hot your doll looks in them!

Take advantage of the starter set's price advantage and don't hesitate to make your entry into a beautiful, shared future easier!

Our dolls are waiting for you! They want to seduce you with their wonderfully true-to-life bodies and incredibly realistic looks. They want to help you explore your most secret desires and fantasies. And they want to be a faithful partner to you, whether in steamy love adventures or in cozy nights spent together. You can find your dream doll in just a few clicks! What are you waiting for?

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