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Sexdolln Torso Sonia by Qita Doll


>> Age: Teen

>> Boob size: C

>> Butt size: Sexy, small butt

>> Figure: Normal

>> Gender: Feminim

>> Love orifices: anal, vaginal

>> Material: Nature Skin -TPE

>> Material: Nature Skin -TPE

>> Nationality: European

>> Weight: Light (57- 66 lb)

Delivery time 14-18 days

Configure now!
Which skin color should your doll have? You can choose your favorite from a variety of beautiful skin tones: From delicate snow white to exotic cocoa brown.
Choose hair color and hairstyle of your Doll! You can choose between black, brown, blond, red and purple hair. Also the length and smoothness of the hair is entirely up to you.
With which beautiful eyes should your doll look at you? Do you want to give your black-haired doll amber eyes? Or do you love the contrast of black hair and bright green eyes?
What color should the fingernails of your doll have? From bright pink to tasteful red to wicked black, there are many different colors.
How should the toenails of your doll look like? Here, too, you can choose between different colors. For an all-round matching look, it is recommended to choose the same color as for the fingernails. But you can also be experimental.
With a stability you can put your doll as an aesthetic accessory in the room! The inner skeleton is then a bit firmer, which makes your doll less mobile. Three visible metal pins on the sole of her foot distribute the weight when standing.
Should your doll be hairy or shaved in the genital area? For a shaved intimate area you simply keep the preselection. You can choose between different intimate hairstyles. The intimate hair is not just glued on, but implanted directly into her skin. If you want to shorten the intimate hair a little bit, you can do it yourself with the scissors carefully.
Welche Farbe soll die Intimbehaarung Deiner Doll haben? Für einen besonders natürlichen Look kannst Du die Intimbehaarung mit der Haarfarbe Deiner Doll abstimmen. Wähle zum Beispiel brünette Intimbehaarung, wenn Deine Doll brünette oder rote Haare hat.
Should the vagina of your doll be fixed or removable? A removable vagina can be cleaned or replaced more easily. For the cleaning of a fixed vagina, an intimate shower is particularly suitable. Externally, the two variants do not differ and they both feel wonderfully lifelike.
May it still be a special extra? We offer exclusive upgrades for you and your doll! Whether the Shemale Kit for a particularly intense love play or care set and intimate shower for an extra-profound cleaning, here you will find the absolute highlights from our accessories for you and your Doll!
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Product number: RDT09201901
Manufacturer: Qita Doll

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Hey, I am Sexdolln Torso Sonia by Qita Doll. Nice to meet you!

Can I be your lingerie model? I am a lifelike love doll and can't wait to meet you in person! The feeling of my silky skin and my curves will delight you! Take some time looking at my pictures and then design me as you wish with the help of our configurator.

Our dolls are waiting for you! They want to seduce you with their wonderfully true-to-life bodies and incredibly realistic looks. They want to help you explore your most secret desires and fantasies. And they want to be a faithful partner to you, whether in steamy love adventures or in cozy nights spent together. You can find your dream doll in just a few clicks! What are you waiting for?

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